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Each horoscope which is a wheel of 360 degrees is divided into 12 signs or Rasis of 30 degrees each . Each of these twelve signs represents certain positive as well as negative characteristics in human behavior.

Aries the ram, is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolizes a new beginning. It is creative, but never completes a task. It is not very sympathetic, and hates weakness. It is the sign of the eternal warrior. Aries rules the head.

Taurus the bull, is the sign of purposeful determination and productivity. Very resourceful, perceptive and alert for good business opportunities, it maximizes profit through reliance on its own talents. It can generate great wealth. Can be very materialistic, and can be quite cruel to those who stand in its way. Taurus rules the neck.

Gemini the twins, represents curiosity and the urge to learn and communicate. It is quick witted, restless and mentally brilliant, but lacks depth--it is the jack of all trades and master of none. It adjusts quickly to circumstances, and can juggle many things at once. Gemini rules the arms, hands, shoulders and lungs.

Cancer the crab, introduces personal meanings and values. It represents the urge to build a home and is the nurturing sign. It is very intuitive, imaginative, and illogical. It always seeks to preserve life and protect the rights of individuals and property. It is talented at managing others. Cancer rules the stomach.

Leo the lion, is the sign of confidence and power. Those with Leo traits radiate warmth to all and bask in adoration and affection. They love to give and receive love. They are dramatic, great organizers and leaders -- others always feel great confidence in them. They are also stubborn, dogmatic and egotistic. Leo rules the heart and the spine.

Virgo the virgin, is the sign of work and duty. It takes care of all the details. Its desire for perfection and order makes it prudish, and obsessed with efficiency. Since it is uncomfortable with the unknown, Virgo is the sign of technology and scientific research. It has a strong need to help the poor and the sick. Virgo rules the intestines.

Libra the scales, is the most cultured, refined, artistic and musical of the signs. It has a strong sense of justice and balance, and it brings reconciliation through negotiation. Libras are constantly evaluating and able to see both sides of an issue, though they can be quite indecisive. It is the sign of war as well as peace. Libra rules the kidneys and loins.

Scorpio is the most passionate and strong- willed sign. It seeks to penetrate beneath the surface, probe the mysteries, and uncover what is hidden. Aware of vulnerability and death, it has iron determination, and is steadfast in its struggles with its enemies and for fulfillment of its desires. It is the sign of spiritual rebirth. Scorpio rules the sex organs.

Sagittarius the centaur, is the sign of philosophy, the higher mind, higher education, publishing, the press, organized religion, diplomacy and flight. Well adjusted, it insists on freedom for itself and others. It thinks big, and speaks openly regardless of the outcome. Sagittarians are daring and adventurous, and tend to exaggerate achievements. It rules the hips and thighs.

Capricorn the goat, is ambitious and has the aim to achieve status. Capricorns are very good organizers, and can be persistent and focused, never cutting corners since the aim is right and truth rather than expedience. They tend to be conscientious, realistic and possess a high integrity which can be relied upon, until they decide to use others for their own needs. Capricorn rules the hips and thighs.

Aquarius the water bearer, challenges authority and seeks the new and unfamiliar. It stands for knowledge and friendship toward all. Aquarians are charismatic leaders, non-conformists who try to understand the world as it is and reinvent it. They are objective, unemotional and can be detached. They are original, unpredictable, intellectual and independent. It rules the legs and ankles.

Pisces the fishes, the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, seeks to understand and identify with the whole of creation and find ultimate redemption. It wishes to be part of all, but not to enclose itself. It seeks escape from the limits of form and this gives it the capacity to shirk responsibility and deceive itself and others. Pisces rules the feet.

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