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Pranic Crystal Healing

Pranic Crystal Healing is the use of crystals on or around the body to effect beneficial changes and redress imbalances. They boost low energy, screen out damaging energy, release stagnant or blocked energy and transform destructive patterns.

This approach to health is based on the view that all life is made up of energy and the physical body is a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of the universe. Our planet and, ultimately, the universe, exist as a perpetual dance of balancing forces. The air we breathe, the heat and light of the sun, water and food, are all energies on which we depend for life. As organisms we are finely balanced to take in, store, transform and transmit energy. So if something in our personal energy system or in the balance of our environment breaks down, the balance of life-supporting functions is impaired and we can spiral into a destructive pattern of disease.

Crystals have been extensively used among the spiritually aware for storing, providing and channeling energy, despite the fact that the forces they attract can be both positive and negative. When worn close to the body they are found to work well on human energy fields. Pranic Crystal healing is non-invasive and can work together with other alternative healing systems as well as orthodox therapies.

Properties of Crystals

Clear quartz amplifies right brain function, which influences intuitive, feeling perceptions - so working with crystals can actually increase your intuition. You may experience increased awareness. You may develop a greater sensitivity to colors, sounds and energy flows in and around your body. You may discover you are psychic or telepathic. These are exciting developments, yet they are experienced by crystal practitioners if not daily, at least sufficiently often to be an established fact.

Quartz also has the ability to transform an imbalanced energy field. So when you feel stressed the crystal will move your energy back into balance and revitalize you.

Quartz transmits life force throughout the human energy system, bringing healing and balance. Crystals are ideal for focusing your thoughts and receiving energy, a valuable part of meditation and healing practice. The clarity of quartz crystal makes it an ideal transmitter and amplifier of color in healing.

Sensitivity is of vital importance for the effective crystal healer. Not only does each patient have his/her own personality, temperament and life experience, but each crystal also has its own unique character. This means that two similar-sized quartz points may be suitable for quite different types of work. It is the sensitivity and experience of the healer that determines the most appropriate way to work.

Healing with crystals is clearly not like using a cookbook. The physical ailment manifested is not often the root of the disease and one of the reasons crystals can be so helpful is that they rebalance energy fields, assisting the patient's own body mind healing process. Different patients with the same condition may require a different approach and may very well respond differently to the same crystals, depending on constitution, temperament and environment. Added to which, crystals respond to other crystals in a wide variety of ways. The healer's energy, the patient's energy and the crystal's energy all inter-act. These factors need to be considered with sensitivity and care in using crystals for healing.

Finally, experience shows that quartz has the remarkable ability to store a thought form. This means, essentially, that you can program it for a specific purpose. Crystals can also help your meditation to reach for other levels of experience and to glimpse a little more of spiritual reality.

Pranic Healers
For consultations on pranic healing contact
Email : consultant@pushkala.com

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