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Predictions : Monthly April 2012

Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna
Karkataka Simha Kanya
Tula Vrischika Dhanu
Makara Kumbha Meena


AThis month, you can attain a higher status amongst your competitors.You Will be versatile and will win over opposition. You make profits at same time you will have unexpected and unnecessary expenditure.Those who are in to the business may face some unexpected lose in the business and relations at business level may not be good. In the 2nd half of this month y...ou will make some courageous moves in your profession.Those who are in love will have good love life or fall in love this month. You will spend on luxurious items and enjoy luxuriously. Those who are unmarried will have chance to get married and for those who are single will meet their life partner in this month.There will be many unexpected hurdles forming up and those who are preparing for exams will have huge problem with their concentration. Chances for short journeys are high and which may come in connection to you personal life.Health wise this is an average month.


For this sign this will be the toughest time from your recent past. Mainly the issues related to professional life will be disturbing.Even the personal and family life will get disturbed which may only add fuel to your tensions.Now in this month there will be added issues building in the professional front,hich will keep you restless. Those in partnership organization will have misunderstandings towards each other.Those who are into real estate and dealing in land will have positive turns now. In the financial front you will have some relief through unexpected gain. In this month you will face many unexpected issues at your work. There may be issues coming up with your co-workers and superiors at work place.This is the time when nothing will come effortlessly. You will have to helplessly see some people who have bad moral getting into your life causing confusions in the minds of people who are around you.Your prospect of having higher education during this is period may will be high.This is not a much favorable month for health related matters. But there are no major issues regarding your health.


This month would be a profitable month for those people who are born under this sign.Due to favorable transit of planets, success will be yours in whatever field you will undertake. You will be very devoted and involved in your job and your ability will be very much noticed and rewarded.Though things are not really out of your control the unclear situation and the lack of solutions will cause damage to your confidence which is the major weapon you have back in the armory. If you are thinking about interviews, investment, and competitive exam and joining about new Job, you may get success according to your satisfaction. You would be fully capable to maintain cordial relations with older authorities as well as associates. If you are in business, definitely, you will get new deals and contracts.You will bring in a lot of joy to your family this month. Your domestic life will be peaceful and happy.All over the situation in the family will be good and convincing.Students need to put more efforts into their studies otherwise their result will let them down.Therefore,you will achieve desired results for your hard work. Need to be careful over your food habits since problems related to stomach region may arise.


This month indicates a change in profession or frustration in profession.You were enjoying the good flow in all the sectors of life since a few months now and now is the time you will start facing some reversals especially in the matters related profession, finance mainly in speculation. There will be some tensions regarding your finances as the expected payments may start getting prolonged and that will make you restless throughout the month. Towards the end of the month things may get steadied a bit.Though you will face some reversals in your life right now you will receive favors from unexpected sources and secure that the show is going on in career.You may experience discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness and strained relations with spouse or family members. Students can expect some happy time at their education. You may acquire success as per your satisfaction. All your efforts will be having results.You will have to take care of your food habits otherwise you are prone to stomach related issues.


Financially there will be some help coming up. Personal and family life will stay average.There will be sudden flow money which will help you to have temporary relief. The sade-sathi is still on and that will have an impact in all sectors of your life. The transit of Jupiter has become supportive which means the relief on all fronts of life. There will be relief from the long standing issues in your life. The major thing will be related to the profession as you will have many positive turns coming up. Your reputation and fame definitely increased. If you are thinking about interviews,investment, and competitive exam and joining about new Job, you may get success according to your satisfaction. You would be fully capable to maintain cordial relations with older authorities as well as associates. If you are in business, definitely, you will get new deals and contracts. Foreign trade will prove fruitful.All over the situation in the family will be good and convincing.You won’t have any major health issues in this month.


The sade-sathi is still on and that will have an impact in all sectors of your life.Saturn’s aspect over the 10th house creates hindrances and delays in ones profession.Your superiors and colleagues will cause tensions to you since they try to create a delay in your project and show a kind of non cooperation.The position of Jupiter in the 8th house also is not supportive which means the added trouble on all fronts of life. Slowly you are getting in to one of the toughest periods in your life. Now in this month you will notice the turns of events indicating the situations to get intense. There will be delays in your pursuits and due to heavy work pressure you will not be capable to finish the project within the planned time frame. You will need to be really careful in your financial transactions as you will be facing issues in the future based on the same.Due to peculiar planetary transit, it would be a complicated month where personal life is concerned. You relation with your spouse will stay moderate.Success in competitive exam or interviews would not come easily.You may tend to be under pressure throughout this month related to your health


Lots of relief from many of the issues you were facing different sectors of life since a long will be the major face of this month. Financially a good flow will start which will boost your confidence about facing the situations. Professionally ups and downs will continue. But personal and family life will be wonderful in this month. Jupiter’s transit will provide you a good flow of money though the financial stress will continue this increased flow of money will help you to manage the show and be confident of bringing an end for all your financial problems.You might succeed in achieving your objective of giving a new height to your business. If you are in service then you might have some relief from the long standing pressures from the profession.Those who are in to speculation may gain but property deals may not occur or may bring in loses.Those who are singles in life may find a new partner and those who have a broken relation this month may provide chances for reunion.Students will have to work much harder.This month is a good one as far as health is concern. No major issues will occur.


Watch out for the new turn ups which may take you by surprise and will create issues for your profession and finances. There will be tensions and indifferences in the professional front. Finances will meet with unexpected obstruction of money flow. Personal life too will show ups and downs. Health may whoever stay good.Unexpected issues at the professional front will be the major issue of the month.Your superiors may put pressure on you or even suspect you over a few issues. There may increased uneasiness in the professional front will keep you frustrated of the job.The expected sources of income may get obstructed all of sudden. Those who are in to business may aspire for expansion or for a change due to the lack of growth in the current venture. But this is not an advisable time for change or expansion.Social life will be good and new relations may form.Students from this sign were doing well till date may start having struggles in their studies from this month.During this month you might have to face some minor health related problems which may affect your routine.


This is a good month ahead for those who are born under this sign. You may have the news of a promotion though it may come late. Still you will have relief that at least the promotion is on the way. Outflow of money will be increased day by day. You might spend huge amount for going abroad.All the property deals will be faced with delays and you will have to wait for some more time. You will get average success in your professional life; don’t takennecessary risk of changing job. You will get government favors but you will have to work hard to get appraisals and incentives in your works.Most of your past worries in the professional front and financial front will get over in this month. Personally you will have a happy time and family life also will be ok. Health wise things will be under control though there will be some minor ups and downs.You may experience discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness and strained elations with spouse or family members. But your pleasant attitude and behavior will help you to overcome most of that.Try to avoid any Travels as it might not fruitful.


This month is going to be a month of confusions. You need to be really calm, patient and focused about your future otherwise you fall in to wrong conclusions especially in the professional front. Financially things are not fine but yet under control. Family and personal life will be average but health will stay good.All the planetary combinations are indicating highly mentally energies and confusions too. You will have some kind of frustrations about profession due to the slow going or inability to implemant your plans.However, those who are in business would make some profit.You might enter into new deals.Overall, it would be a average month for those people who are born under this sign. There is no trouble seen as far as your career and finance related matters are concerned.In this month tensions through children are possible.Harmony will be there in married life but you will have to spend a lot to keep your spouse happy.Short journeys will take place and prove very beneficial.During this month, you may not suffer much due to health though minor issues are foreseen.


Professionally things will be fine but may be a few issues slow building up now may be concern for your life. Financially the tough time will continue and even the family matter will be a reason for worries. There may new developments in the professional front as your superiors may start planning to assign different work responsibilities for you which you may not be interested. Also there will be lack of mental peace, concentration and will power. This situation may ultimately force you to plan new things in career.In the financial front you will be able to curb your debts with the income you will earn.Those who are in to business should be careful because possibility for a legal problem arising can’t be ruled out.The family life will be tough as indifferences with the spouse and tensions through children may occur.Also there may be many issues with family members.You might get curious to learn erious subjects.Short Journeys will take place now and also it will prove fruitful.That is some kind of tiredness and lack of energy may be felt. But there won’t any major issues.


Professional a positive change may occur. Your income will be increased which may help you to almost all the issues in the financial front. Family life will be good but there may be certain issues in the personal front since some months now but you will be glad to have the feeling that slowly the issues are getting sorted out.There may be new opportunities coming in your way in this month in the professional front. The new opportunity will provide you better position, income and work atmosphere. You will find the new place of work very pleasant and satisfying. You might obtain well support of your superiors and associates.It, will be a good month for business, career and finance related matters. If in business you will get new contracts.This is month is a good one as far as your family matters are concern.Journeys may occur now though the results won’t encouraging.You are advised to be much careful about your health as there would be some chances of having health issues in this month.


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