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The value of time is inestimable. All objects in the universe are produced, developed and destroyed in time. Muhurta can be defined as the choice of auspicious moment for commencement of any activity. The panchanga or the Hindu Almanac is the basis for the study of Muhurta. The panchanga consists of five branches.

They are Thithi , Vara , Nakshatra ,Yoga , Karana.

Thithi :

The tithis are grouped into 5 categories and they are as follows:

Nanda Padjami, Sasti, Ekadasi
Bhadra Dwitiya, Saptami and Dwadashi
Jaya Tritiya, Ashtami and Chaturdashi
Rikta Chaturthi, Navami and Chaturdashi
Poorna Panchami,Dasami, Full moon day and New moon day

Vara :

Vara is weekday .The weekday bearing the name of the particular planet the influence of that planet is said to be predominant.

The week day's are

Sunday - Surya
Monday -Moon
Tuesday -Mars
Wednesday -Mercury
Thrusday -Guru
Friday -Sukra
Saturday -Saturn


The planets move along the celestial path (ecliptic) which is marked by 27 constellations or clusters of stars. The planets move from west to east, while the Bhuchakra or the Zodiac of Light marked by the twenty-seven consellations, moves from east to west.

Names of Constellations or nakshatras are as follows

Ashwini - 3 stars resembling a horse's face
Bharani - 3 stars resembling a female sexual organ
Kritika - 6 stars like a razor
Rohini - 5 stars resembling a car
Mrigasira - 3 stars like a human head
Arudra - 1 star like a coral head
Punarvasu - 5 stars like a potter's wheel
Pushyami - 3 stars resembling a blood-sucker
Ashlesha - 6 stars like a serpent
Makha - 5 stars like a palanquin
Pubba - 2 stars resembling human eyes
Uttara - 2 stars like eyes
Hasta - 5 stars like human fingers
Chitta - 1 star like a pearl
Swathi - 1 star like a sapphire
Vishaka - 5 stars like a potter's wheel
Anuradha - 3 stars resembling an umbrella
Jyeshta - 3 stars resembling an umbrella
Moola - 5 stars like a crouching lion
Poorvashadha - 2 stars each, forming a square
Uttarashadha - 2 stars each forming a square
Sravana - 3 stars like a arrow
Dhanishta - 3 stars like a man's head 
Satabhisha - 100 stars resembling a flower
Poorvabhadra - 2 stars each forming the legs of a cot
Uttarabhadra - 2 stars each forming the legs of a cot
Revathi - 3 stars like a fish

Yoga :

One yoga is equal to 60 ghatis-  a ghati = 24 minutes. 
There are in total 27 yogas.They are:

Vishkumbha   Vajra
Priti   Siddhi
Ayushman   Vyatipata
Saubhagya   Variyan
Shobhana   Parigha
Atiganda   Shiva
Sukarma   Siddha
Dhriti   Sadhya
Shoola   Shubha
Ganda   Shukla
Vriddhi   Brahma
Dhruva   Indra
Vyaghata   Vaidhriti










Karana :

A thithi consists of two karana's in other words karan is half of thithi. 
The karna are classified as eleven types. They are:


Child Birth:
Birth of any child brings joy and happiness to the family. With the advances in Medical Science and Procedural Methods in medicine, an appropriate time and date for child birth can be chosen.

Namakaranam, Naming Cermony:
The most important cermony after the child's birth is Namakaranam or Naming Cermony. The name given becomes his identity . The proper day for this cermony is 19th, 11th or 18th day of the child's birth or according to family tradition.

This cermony is usually performed to a male child. This is a ceremony in which spiritual instructions are given to the boy by which his vision is brought close to the God.This cermony is conducted in fifth year,seventh year,ninth year,thirteenth year or according to the family tradition.

Griha Arambam:
The Instinct to possess a house is common through out Animal kingdom.Laying the foundation for a house /  building / Complex is the first step for possessing a house.An auspicious combination of planets i.e the Muhurtha for Griha Arambha prevents evils which may be in store for the building.

House Warming:
A house which one has build/constructed with hardship and labour is supposed to bring happiness, prosperity and well being to the family living in it. So entering a new house will be a matter of great importance.

Marriage :
Marriage is considered as one of the most important ceremonies by which a person gets fulfilment in Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. Marriage is necessary for progeny and to keep family growing.Marriage, both in social and economic sense is a relationship entered into with the intention of making it permanent.So Muhurta for marriage is considered with all parameters for both Bride and groom.

Vidya Arambam/Aksharabyasam:
Akshara means that which is not destroyed. An Auspicious time is chosen for introducing the child to these Aksharas in order to get proficiency. Aksharabyasam usually is done in the 5th year of birth.

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