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Panel of Astrologers

Mr.D.L.N. Murthy - Senior Astrologer
He started his career as an astrologer at an very young age and has been pracitising for 40 years now. He has been frequently contributing articles to Telugu magazines. He actively praticipates in Astrology sabha's and also conducts them. He is a well know figure in the field of astrology


Mr.K.Venkatacharyulu - Senior Astrologer
A practising CA who is actively into predictive astrology. He is currently doing research in the predictive (Hora) astrology.


Mr.C.Sambasiva Rao - Senior Astrologer
He has been practising astrology for the past 15 years and has been training students in astrology.He is an well know teacher of Astrology . He also contributes regularly in telugu magazines.


Mrs.R.Sudha - Pracitising Astrologer
Equipped with an masters in astrology she has been practising for the past 5 years and also was instrumental in developing pushkala.com and Divyaa Jyothi astrology software.Currently doing research in this field.

For personalised consultations with any of our astrologers contact

Email : consultant@pushkala.com


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