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Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna
Karkataka Simha Kanya
Tula Vrischika Dhanu
Makara Kumbha Meena

Andhariki Sri Vijayanama samvatsara subhakankshalu -11th April 2013-31st March 2014. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous and a peaceful new year.
Mesha - Aswini, Bharani, Krittika 1st padam
Sun Signs - Mar 21-Apr 20
Honours  2      Insults    4
Income    11    Expenditure   5

               Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 2nd,ketu in 1st,Rahu,Shani in 7th .Till May 30th guru is in the 2ndst house and moving to third house for the remaining of the year.This year starts on a positive note for you. Your hard work and ability to react to situations on time, will be the guiding spirit for progress this year.Your work environment would be very much supportive and you will earn good amount money along with bonus. Saturn in 7th can limit only your fortune but there will not be any problems for your work. Ketu may increase your work pressure. The planetary positions of Jupiter and Saturn is going to provide you mixed results in both career and financial front. Jupiter’s transit through the sign Taurus that is 2nd house for you till the end of May 2013 is supportive and then after when Jupiter moves to Gemini that is your third sign you will give you lot of pressure in all walks of life. You will be facing many adverse situations in your career which will not allow you to relax,they may be resolved during the later half of the year.

There may be financial loss as a result of your generousness and blind belief on others. There is likely chance for investment in fixed assets and redemption of few long standing debts. Those who are in to the business may face all sorts of negative effects with business competition, pressure from financial institutions and conflicts with other partners etc.After Jupiter transit you may face have high pressure in business it is aspecting your 7th house. The second half may be a bit reliving since the money flow will slightly getting better. You may have slow relief towards the last quarter of the year. Saturn transiting through the 7th house is not a contributing factor for prosperity.Saturn and Rahu in the 7th house would create problems with in your family. It may affect your social status too. Better to stay away from any love affairs. If you are aleady in a relationship, you may have to face problems. Your family environment may not be supportive but you can expect a support from your friends . Students will have better results for the academic year starting from June-2013. Jupiter’s transit in 3rd house may provoke the interest to learn and improves the memory power. Students should try to avoid all sorts of distractions and focus all your energy and time to learn and improve knowledge. There will be success in higher education especially in foreign lands. There could be some changes in property as well as domestic matters. As long as you are positive, there would be abundant energy to work out matters.Active period in work as well as domestic matters till May. Some amount of resentment could build up against family members during this time. Avoid conflict. Hurdles in routine matters could rise too during this period. Fatigue & level of tiredness could prevail now.Poor stamina & certain amount of challenges overall would remain. Work could experience a slowdown till in December. Chances of travel possible too.Stay away from any kind of investments this is not a time for speculation or trading.

Vrishabha - Krittika 2,3,4 , Rohini , Mrigasira 1,2 padam
Sun Signs - Apr 21-May 20
Honours  5      Insults    4
Income    5    Expenditure   14

                       Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 1st,ketu in 12th,Rahu,Shani in 6th.Till May 30th guru is in the 1st house and moving to second house for the remaining of the year.The period May mid June will be the most productive part of the year. You would think clearly with a vision that would help you plan events in the near future. Overall most planets are supporting your growth. You will welcome this new year with a big smile. Once Jupiter moves forward, you will have more gains in financial as well as career growth.You will see happiness and success in each and everything you do. The entire year looks very good for you in general and so nothing to be worried. You may gain through friends and family. For people engaged in business there will be profits after May 2013. They can plan for the expansion of business and can plan to undertake new ventures.Partnership business will flourish and new oppurtunities will arise.Those in Real Estate will see a boom after May. There may be good reviews from customers which will boost your business. You may plan for acquiring costly items for spouse and family. As Jupiter is significator for honor and prestige, hence you may spend money and enjoy the same. Your hard work will get recognized during this period. You will get closer to your upper management at your workplace. Overall career growth and financial growth is expected f the natives of this rasi.

Saturn will transit in 6th house throughout this year. This is ideal position for malefic like Saturn. You will come out successful in facing your long time opponent. You may redeem previous debts or loans which were taken. There will be recognition at the same time and better remuneration for your efforts at work place. For business people Saturn promises timely financial assistance.Saturn in 6th house may cause minor health issues to spouse and financial pressure to children.Your relationship with your spouse and children will improve a lot. If you are single, definitly it is the perfect time to find a life partner.You will enjoy status in society. Auspicious events will increase your esteem and you will enjoy a good name among relatives and friends. You may have frequent journeys to distant locations as Ketu is transiting in 12th house. Students will easily clear the exams and score excellent marks. You will have surplus amount of money during this period. Try to invest them in real estate or stock market on a medium term. Good time for trading/traders and also to invest in gold or silver, metals.

Mithuna - Mrigasira 3,4 , Arudra , Punarvasu 1,2,3 padam
Sun Signs - May 21-Jun 20
Honours  1      Insults    8
Income    11    Expenditure   11

                       Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 12th and,ketu in 11th,Rahu,Shani in 5th.Till May 30th guru is in the 12th house and moving to first house for the remaining of the year.No major planets except Ketu which is in labha sthana is supporting your growth.This entire year would be testing period in all walks of life. You will have problems mostly with interpersonal relationships. Financial problems will be more from May as Jupiter is moving on your 1st house.You may seek financial assistance from banking institutions for loan purpose. Heavy expenditure during the first half of the year may affect your performance. Unexpcted expenses will drain out all your money and you have to start borrowing money to meet your financial needs. Trading and stock market may not give you good results. You may look for better options in career for financial gains.You may get few business opportunities when Jupiter transits in Gemini from June 2013. You may have remarkable increase in your efficiency as jupiter movement will make you work more than normal from this period onwards. Business people will find very hard time to meet their expenses. From May onwards it will be a testing time for the natives of this rasi.Saturn transiting in 8th house from 10th may cause obstructions in career. You may need more time to complete your assignments and there is a need to recheck your work before completing.

Students of sciences,technical disciplines will fare well in their studies and come out successful in examinations. Saturn and Rahu in 5th house may cause forgetfulness or lack of confidence. Advised to practice meditation / yoga which may restore your skills.There may be sudden conflicts or misunderstandings in family/love matters. Your indiscreet thinking or ignorant behavior may lead to difficult situations in love matters. You are required to be patient when dealing with your family members to smooth your relationships. Your polite behavior alone can bring peace into your life. Saturn and Rahu transiting in 5th house is a serious afflictions in matters like love and child birth. This month may cause some health issues. Perform puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Donate clothes to beggars and take up necessary remedial measures to please Saturn.Guard against sudden health problems and do not over work as there will be a tendency to do so. Stress & anxiety could cause health issues .Try & keep your mind under control.Frequent travel could upset domestic patterns. Since your temperament could remain irritable, avoid controversy during this period. Interaction with siblings will revive you while there will be opportunity to meet with friends too.

Karkataka - Punarvasu 4 , Pushyami , Aslesha
Sun Signs - Jun 21-Jul 20
Honours  4     Insults    7
Income    2    Expenditure   11

               Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 11th and,ketu in 10th,Rahu,Shani in 4th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 11th house and moving to 10th house for the remaining of the year. You will be undergoing ardha astama shani with shani's aspecting your moon..Jupiter's transit is supporting your growth until May 2013. But the rest of the year would be a big testing period for you. You will have inflow of money because of Jupiter. But Saturn is in 4th position to stop your growth and will cause hindrances.The movement of Jupiter through the 11 house is promising factor regarding career and monetary benefits. You may get adequate returns for your investments/savings. You may plan to reinvest your gains in fixed assets like vehicles,commodities, lands, etc. You may also invest in stocks or commodities . Business proposals may be raised by your friends/family in the first half of the year which will give good gains in the later part of the year. During the second half there may be heavy expenditure, unexpected expenditure due to friends and family.

There may be obstructions at work place by few envious people. You may have strong desire to change the working organization or the business line because of financial incompetence. You should be very careful while standing as guarantor for loans.Luck will favor you this year till May. Business people will find very hard time to manage the expenses.Overseas travel will bring happiness and gains. After the May, you will get into a phase of hard work, which will be fulfilling but not very gainful from the commercial point of view. You will grow in stature, responsibilities and authority. Get the maximum amount of work done now. You will reach closure on projects faster.There may be mixed results for these areas of family life. Love matters may progress well during the first half of the year with the beneficial rays of Jupiter over 5th house. For some time you may be worried about the future of children. There may be few situations which may keep your prestige at stake. You should be vigilant while interacting with elders of the family or superiors at your work location or privileged customers at your business.Thinking could turn somewhat negative and thinking could be pessimistic at times. You could feel disappointed due to underachievement in love/ relationships and over expectation at work. You need to guard against negative thoughts overall. There are chances of some deceit in love matters too after May.Old friendships could see a strain. Try and be clear with friends and do not assume anything without clarifying the facts. If you are not cautious, there could be misunderstanding & distances as a result. Domestic dissatisfaction and issues would be present this year, certain biases could come about in love & towards your partner.Students should be determined and consistent in their efforts as transit are not favouring good results. The placement of two malefics like Saturn and Rahu may have adverse effect on studies. However Jupiter’s transit over 11th house and his aspect over Saturn from 12th house may show you the right path in the second half of this year.

Simha - Makha , Pubba , Uttara 1 padam
Sun Signs - Jul 21-Aug 20
Honours  7      Insults    7
Income    5    Expenditure   5

                                Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 10th and,ketu in 9th,Rahu,Shani in 3rd.Till May 30th Guru is in the 10th house and moving to 11th house for the remaining of the year. This year begins for you with Guru in 10th house representing your career and Saturn in 3rd house giving you great success. Rahu is placed on your 3rd house and Ketu on your 9th house. Most of the planets are supportive from the beginning of this year. By May, all major planets will start supporting your growth. Excellent opportunities and great success are indicated from the middle of this year.This may be a rewarding year for you in all aspects of life. Your name and fame will reach to new heights. Success in life of family members will bring more happiness and peace for you.You will see significant growth in your career front. Jupiter’s transit over the 11th house from June will be a golden period in your career and financial front. You may have new offers / proposals from different organizations which give you a lot of options for future. You may have a change career line . You may get good position or promotions with better financial prospects. and may have a leap to higher designation . You will have good cooperation of collegues and upper echleons in career and face minimum opposition at your work place. Your manager and co-workers will give your great support on achieving project goals.There is a great room for a substantial growth in revenue during the second half of the year. It is a wonderful time for traders and business people. Traders will get windfall profits and business people see thier turn around with excellent financial gains.

There will be progress in love/family matters during the second half of the year as Jupiter creates strong bond. You will find creative thinking and new ideas will bring up a much higher level of growth and progress now. Religion & spirituality will be higher than usual on your agenda, post May.Travel for pleasure will be possible many times this year.Thinking & confidence will undergo changes significantly. On one hand you will experience a much higher level of clarity in your thinking and positivism, while on the other hand luck will rise and confidence would be bolstered.Travel will be beneficial. Rise in spirituality would come easily to you. Travel would rise and so would the opportunities which would bring in progress and better luck. Children will remain a source of happiness now.This may be a successful year for students pursuing higher studies as the chief significator for studies i.e. Jupiter is transiting in 11th house. All efforts from students will be rewarded . There may be pleasant journeys during this year. You may enjoy the company of friends and family members in such trips. Your health would start recovering during this period and you will regain your sound health.Health problems will be minimal.Spiritual endeavours will be fruitful.

Kanya - Uttara 2,3,4 , Hasta , Chitta 1,2 padam
Sun Signs - Aug 21-Sep 20
Honours  3      Insults   3
Income    8    Expenditure   11

                               Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 9th and,ketu in 8th,Rahu,Shani in 2nd.Till May 30th Guru is in the 9th house and moving to 10th house for the remaining of the year. Jupiter is in its extreme good position so will support your growth and give you happiness through out this year. Many of life's major events such as marriage, job, buying a home,land or vechicle can happen during this time. Your health would be in excellent position to enjoy the good time. You will have ample amount of energy during this time and you will be more confident and energetic. Any misunderanding with the family/friends will get resolved during this time. If single, it is an excellent time to get married. Students will outperform on their studies and score excellent marks. Saturn in second house will give unneccessary expenditure and drain on the exsisiting funds. There may be drain on wealth for medical expenditure. Another major source of expenditure would be childrens education. Health of elders in the family may cause unnecessary tensions. Businessmen will expand may need reinvestment and partnership business will flourish.New oppurtunities will be on the rise.However you may not have timely repayments . It is better for them to change business policy to meet working capital requirements. One should save a portion of revenue to meet future requirements. Business people will have difficulties in managing the customers and their turn over .

It is a very good time to buy or sell your properties. You may also invest money in real estate or stock market during this time. But speculation is not advisble because still you are at the end of sade sani. Opportunities would be present on many occasions. You will find success in joint projects, partnerships and entrepreneur efforts. All opportunities will be more open and effective from May. Thereafter, you will find a dip in the level of opportunities.Despite quite a few opportunities, you could feel pressured at times this year. It is a period of higher spirituality & more attention in religious matters. Pursuit of yoga, reading of religious texts & other such pursuits could come about. There will be some issues due to worry related to children. Personal life may remain highly active till early May. This may be a challenging and productive year for students. They may work tireless to reach their ambition. They may come out with success after serious effort and strenuous work. The transit of Jupiter in 10th house will bring luck and fortune in their efforts.You should be very alert about your health. Excessive stress and strain will lead to new complications.Proper rest and recreation may give you relief.

Tula - Chitta 3,4 , Swati , Visaka 1,2,3 padam
Sun Signs - Sep 21-Oct 20
Honours  6      Insults    3
Income    5    Expenditure  14

                                   Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 8th and,ketu in 7th,Rahu,Shani in 1st.Till May 30th Guru is in the 8th house and moving to 9th house for the remaining of the year.You will get relief in all walks of life when jupiters transits to 9th house however as shani is in janma you can expect mixed results this year. But Jupiter in your bhagyam will ensure siginificant positive changes on your life. Your health will recover quickly. You will start regaining your health and energy. You may more confidence to deal with the situations.Inter personal problems at work environment will be in a positive direction. If you are unemployed, you will get a good Job during this period. Students will work hard to regain control over studies and will get better prospects. You may have fluctuating fortune throughout the period. Hard work is needed to come out of the financial pressures. Family members may not be supportive. Financially it would be better period than past year and you will start paying off your debts slowly. You will be happy about your progress. You will try to execute all the steps of your planning with more positive results. You may be prompt in discharging your duties which will bring back your name and fame. Jupiter may enable you to interact with people more positively than before.

New opportunities and freshness in various aspects of life will be present. It would be useful to remain calm & balanced in your outlook.Expenses & travel would remain higher than normal. It is a period when losses due to error in judgment would remain. New investments are avoidable, while a tendency for extravagant gifting should be avoided. Saturn, the most auspicious planet, for your moon sign, in your first house will bring exceptional growth and hard work. Personal life will feel pressured due to a sudden rise in opportunities and lack of bonding with family. Good period to grow professionally with the help of partners & associates. This would be an eventful year in love & marital matters. The year would commence on a low note but would pick up dramatically after May. Love matters would be tough. New relationships and commitments could come up after May .Keep check on your expenses. Proper financial planning is the need of the hour. You may seriously work for your ambition and achieve success accordingly. You may have positive results in your higher educational appearances. You may have opportunities to visit holy places. However few short journeys are indicated which may prove fruitful.

Vrischika - Visaka 4, Anuradha , Jyesta
Sun Signs - Oct 21-Nov 20
Honours  2      Insults    6
Income    11    Expenditure  5

                                  Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 7th and,ketu in 6th,Rahu,Shani in 12th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 7th house and moving to 8th house for the remaining of the year.This year begins with sade sathi and benefic aspect from guru so you will have decent growth in your career . You may not have support from your family and friends.As per the Scorpio Horoscope, you will also gain popularity socially. You will find the period till May ,intellectually stimulating. Creative work & mental output would be high. You will find that the experiences & efforts of this period will help you, so make the most of the opportunities & experiences.You should be careful about overactive competition against you. Be careful of being stubborn since you might make some enemies in the bargain.Impulses and relations with friends/family should be handled with caution.You may win the hearts of superiors and minds of colleagues alike. For businessmen and partnership business there will be excellent turnover and decent margins till the end of the May .When Jupiter’s entres into the dual sign of the Gemini there may be a down trend

Saturn in the twelth house during this year will make you gain much from business and expand it as well. But it will also make may cause jealousy and hatred among your associates. They may try to hinder your progress and distract your concentration.Incorporation of new techniques in work may give additional benefits. Some of the natives may get good chances. Inflow of income from various sources is on the cards with added expenditure.Students would be very much successful on their studies and will score excellent marks on their examination.You can start investing in real estate properties or buy a new home or car. However you must avoid speculation since Saturn is not in favorable spot. Expenses will get complete control and you will start saving significant amount of money. Use this time to protect your investments.Happiness from children is assured for the period till early May. If applicable, being blessed with a child is also possible. You should rethink major decisions about place of residence. Social life activities will also jump up till early May and chances of meeting with old friends & old flames is not ruled out now. You should enjoy this period but without taking any major risks or carrying out any significant changes.It is better to postpone long journeys including foreign trips on vacation throughout this year. Family matters could see some politics & behind the scenes activity. It would be useful to avoid open confrontation or taking sides during this period.Financially it would be another testing period. There may be few health issues.

Dhanu - Moola , Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1 padam
Sun Signs - Nov 21-Dec 20
Honours  1      Insults    2
Income    14    Expenditure  11

                              Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 6th and,ketu in 5th,Rahu,Shani in 11th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 6th house and moving to 7th house for the remaining of the year.The Sagittarius Horoscope predicts that the year will commence with hard work and pressures from seniors in career as well as influence of high placed people in other aspects of life. As long as you remain clear and clean in dealings, growth and gains would come rapidly. Change in location in career possible now, too. All efforts made during this year will result in rich gains.You will have positive results as Jupiter though transiting in 6th house will beneficial aspect over the tenth house. Your hard work and commitment will have positive response from your superiors. Colleagues or co-workers may grow jealous for your growth and influence in the organization. Jupiter entrance into Gemini will give positive results in career and finances. You will be successful in securing promotion or appraisal. People under banking or insurance industry will have positive vibrations. Students would be very successful on their studies and will score excellent marks on their exams and competitve exams. You can start investing in real estate /properties / buy a new home /car. But try to be very slow on this perspective since you will gain more after May. However you must avoid speculation and trading as Jupiter is not in favorable spot.

This period will also see problems in marital matters as well as joint ventures. You may have to control wasteful expenses. This period will see a rise in your commitments. Avoid raising your overheads irrationally. It will be in your interest to remain judicious in your outlook.Any sort of speculation should be avoided between May and November.There may be gains by end of the year for the projects you had been working towards. You need to keep your speech under control lest you make enemies. You should take up all challenges that come your way, but avoid major decisions or unsteady thoughts during this period.Speech and verbal aggression towards spouse & subordinates should be controlled.Saturn in eleventh house throughout the year may cause struggle in your work and profession. It would be useful to avoid making major changes or starting new projects now, since new projects could initiate very fast but will not culminate into specific action or results. From May - November a great cycle of growth will begin. You will find creativity high and new ideas would open up multiple channels. You can commence new projects and take up risks in career now. New ideas and technology available now, will bring in a new growth cycle overall. This is a period when a new cycle of growth will physically start happening.Ketu transiting through 5th house not an encouraging factor for success in love matters. There may be ego clashes in the family. Traders may get substantial profits that they have not seen before. Business people will succeed in the competition and will get good returns. It is a very good time to expand your business also. Health may be sensitive.

Makara - Uttarashada 2,3,4 , Sravanam , Dhanishta 1,2 padam
Sun Signs - Dec 21-Jan 20
Honors  1      Insults    2
Income    2    Expenditure  8

                                 Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 5th and,ketu in 4th,Rahu,Shani in 10th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 5th house and moving to 6th house for the remaining of the year.The relationship with your spouse and family would be very smooth. Any problems in the past would get resolved and you can look forward to a good time. If you are single, you will find a suitable match during this time. Since Saturn and Rahu are in 10th house, you will face unexpected problems at your workplace. Change of job is indicated after May.However it pays to be a little patient and continue in the same job to benefit later.Jupiter in 5th house may shower financial rewards and also happiness throgh childrenJourneys for pleasure are also indicated. You may be supported and applauded by your colleagues and superiors alike. However you must awrae of invisible foes waiting for the opportunity to strike. Your logical approach and practical thinking alone will save you from disaster. You may have few monitory dealings with your colleagues which need to be avoided strictly. Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini in 6th house is a red alert zone for your career. Things may suddenly change against you. Sudden expenses may exert tremendous pressure over you. People dealing in cash transactions should take care to avoid controversies. Saturn transiting in 10th house being lord of the ascendant inflicts heavy work load in career. Businessmen may face difficulties in acquiring new business. You should think twice to accept prestigious assignments and borrow more time than the required. Any negligence or carelessness on your part may result in serious consequences. On a positive side you will win the trust of superiors and top management. You will perform well under stress and come out of any situation winning.

You will also find the year exciting and fulfilling throughout. All you efforts would start culminating into positive events as the year draws to a close.The year will commence with high travel & good luck in work as well as financial matters. You might find bliss in family matters. Speech and communications should be handled with care. You could lose your coveted position of trust due to some misunderstandings. Avoid handling money or property on behalf of others. It is a period where you should remain cautious and positive.Expenses would be much higher than your comfort level after May . You need to get a handle on your expenses . Investments & speculation should be handled with care. Travel would turn frequent during early May. Travel itinerary and objectives should be well thought out before you venture out. Well planned travel would be very beneficial.Volatility in health and communications should be controlled .There would be a jump in your socializing while new invitations would pour in throughout the year beyond.New love & relationships forged now could be unreliable & therefore be careful.Overall happiness in love & marital matters would be present. Students may get average results in educational pursuits.There may be few hurdles in successful completion of higher studies. There may be delay in getting admission in foreign universities. This may be a neutral period for long journeys.

Kumbha - Dhanishta 3,4 , Satabisha, Poorvabadhra 1,2,3 padam
Sun Signs - Jan 21-Feb 20
Honors  4      Insults    2
Income    2   Expenditure  8

                                  Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 4th and,ketu in 3rd,Rahu,Shani in 9th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 4th house and moving to 5th house for the remaining of the year.You will have gradual growth and sustained development throughout this year. You will pave your way for success and prosperity. You may have success in higher studies abroad. Your family will feel proud with your growth and achievements. Jupiter’s transit in 4th and 5th houses will give very beneficial results regarding career and financial matters. You may be Lucky in all respects. You may exert minimum efforts from your side which will yield maximum returns on most occasions. You will enjoy promotions /good position in power and authority. Finally you will get a good Job that matches your qualitification and you will be rewarded enough for the position. You may get a very good bonus,increments during this time. If you trying for Jobs in abroad,you may be successful.There may be increment in revenue from other sources or speculations. You may plan to start a part time business which will yield returns more than your anticipation. Jupiter in 5th house may result in great success for all decisions. There may be uncondotional support from your family members and outsiders alike. You may paln and attain success in your aspirations. There may be foreign travel with respect to your career which will be beneficial.Your may change career line or organization and may be successful after May.

Your relationship with your spouse and family will be extremely good during this period. No conflicts foreseen. You would be very happy about your family environment during this time. Eligible couples will get blessed with a baby. Your work environment would also be very much supportive.You will pay off all of your debts and start saving money during this time.Traders will see siginificant profits during this time. Business people will also see their luck is turning in their favou and may start expanding the business. You will find happiness in social life, while very positive reunion with friends possible now too. Some celebration in the family is also possible. You may get success in your field, for which you have been waiting. There is a chance for increase in expenditure.If you are single,its time to look for a match and get married.Marriage trails of unmarried will give them good settlement. Students may have great success in education during this year. They may be successful in getting admission under the desired institutions. Students may be successful in majority of your appearances in competitive examinations.You would regain your health back during this time. You would be very happy about your overall progress .

Meena - Poorvabadhra 4, Uttarabadhra , Revati
Sun Signs - Feb 21-Mar 20
Honors  7      Insults    2
Income    14   Expenditure  11

                                   Planetary positions at the start of the year are as follows: Guru in 3rd and,ketu in 2nd,Rahu,Shani in 8th.Till May 30th Guru is in the 3rd house and moving to 4th house for the remaining of the year.You will be undergoing Astama Shani,no planets are supporting this year however in May as guru transita from 3rd to 4th house you will have relief. There may be sudden expenditures as well as change in career.You may find this year will have its share of hurdles and opposition to thoughts and ideas. Pressures could be felt more in marital matters as well as relations with partners. Losses & higher expenses in partnerships or joint areas or life possible too and therefore caution is required.This year may be another stressful year. Hurdles against you could rise in professional matters.Creative working & learning curve will rise exponentially during this period.The opposition to ideas and pressures in domestic matters would ease out a little after May.This period will see a fall in level of luck and growth. There may be few fluctuations with your social status during this year. Speech could spoil relations with friends, siblings & people close to you. It is a period when you might turn more religious. It would be useful to cultivate faith so that god can truly bless you.

Expenses will sky rocket and you may have to manage the situation. Prayers and meditation will keep your mind stable. Avoid speculative trading since major wealth destruction is indicated . If you are not careful, you may even end up losing. Stay away from stock market and investments. You may have frequent health setbacks because of severe stress and strain. OStudents may have success after few initial failures. You are advised to recheck all your exam results since you may be prone making mistakes and hence avoid poor performance. You should remember that only focused efforts and hard work will be rewarded and luck does not favour. You will come out successful in higher educations after much pressure and confusion. If you are trying to study abroad then success is assured during after june this year. There may be limited journeys and no long journeys.verall this year is going to a severe testing period for you, but you will see a little relief from June onwards.You may have to manage this year with patience. .


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