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Distant Pranic Healing

The two basic principles of Pranic Healing are Cleansing and Energizing. Patients are first cleansed and the diseased energy is removed from the affected chakras and the vital organs and then they are energised with prana.The healer absorbs energy from air, water, ground, food and trees which is believed to be pure and projects it to the patient.The recovery time of the patients however depends upon the disease as well as the patient's ability to absorb the projected energy and his belief.

To enable free flow of energy, the patient should to be receptive and resistance has to be minimal.Thus, for non-believers, the energy rebounds and the patient will have a very slow recovery or remain uncured.The method of distant treatment can be used for any patient in any part of the world.

The healer identifies the character of the patient and the disease with the help of the details provided by the patient as well as scanning all the chakras or bio-plasmic energy field surrounding the patient.Then the healer charges the problem areas or the organs with fresh energy,thus curing the patient.

The patients are required to furnish the following details with the healing orders:




Details of the ailment:

Recent Photograph:
(Scan photograph and email to us)

Medical History:

and Email to: consultant@pushkala.com

Distant treatment will be given by charging nominal fees.They are as given below:
15 Sittings Rs. 1500 Get It
30 Sittings Rs. 3000 Get It
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