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Predictions : Weekly April 2012

Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna
Karkataka Simha Kanya
Tula Vrischika Dhanu
Makara Kumbha Meena


This month, you can attain a higher status amongst your competitors.You Will be versatile and will win over opposition. You make profits at same time you will have unexpected and unnecessary expenditure.Those who are in to the business may face some unexpected lose in the business and relations at business level may not be good.


For this sign this will be the toughest time from your recent past. Mainly the issues related to professional life will be disturbing.Even the personal and family life will get disturbed which may only add fuel to your tensions.Now in this month there will be added issues building in the professional front,hich will keep you restless. Those in partnership organization will have misunderstandings towards each other.Those who are into real estate and dealing in land will have positive turns now.


This month would be a profitable month for those people who are born under this sign.Due to favorable transit of planets, success will be yours in whatever field you will undertake. You will be very devoted and involved in your job and your ability will be very much noticed and rewarded.Though things are not really out of your control the unclear situation and the lack of solutions will cause damage to your confidence which is the major weapon you have back in the armory.


This month indicates a change in profession or frustration in profession.You were enjoying the good flow in all the sectors of life since a few months now and now is the time you will start facing some reversals especially in the matters related profession, finance mainly in speculation. There will be some tensions regarding your finances as the expected payments may start getting prolonged and that will make you restless throughout the month.


Financially there will be some help coming up. Personal and family life will stay average.There will be sudden flow money which will help you to have temporary relief. The sade-sathi is still on and that will have an impact in all sectors of your life. The transit of Jupiter has become supportive which means the relief on all fronts of life. There will be relief from the long standing issues in your life.


The sade-sathi is still on and that will have an impact in all sectors of your life.Saturn’s aspect over the 10th house creates hindrances and delays in ones profession.Your superiors and colleagues will cause tensions to you since they try to create a delay in your project and show a kind of non cooperation.The position of Jupiter in the 8th house also is not supportive which means the added trouble on all fronts of life.


Lots of relief from many of the issues you were facing different sectors of life since a long will be the major face of this month. Financially a good flow will start which will boost your confidence about facing the situations. Professionally ups and downs will continue. But personal and family life will be wonderful in this month.


Watch out for the new turn ups which may take you by surprise and will create issues for your profession and finances. There will be tensions and indifferences in the professional front. Finances will meet with unexpected obstruction of money flow. Personal life too will show ups and downs. Health may whoever stay good.


This is a good month ahead for those who are born under this sign. You may have the news of a promotion though it may come late. Still you will have relief that at least the promotion is on the way. Outflow of money will be increased day by day. You might spend huge amount for going abroad.All the property deals will be faced with delays and you will have to wait for some more time. You will get average success in your professional life; don’t takennecessary risk of changing job.


This month is going to be a month of confusions. You need to be really calm, patient and focused about your future otherwise you fall in to wrong conclusions especially in the professional front. Financially things are not fine but yet under control. Family and personal life will be average but health will stay good.All the planetary combinations are indicating highly mentally energies and confusions too.


Professionally things will be fine but may be a few issues slow building up now may be concern for your life. Financially the tough time will continue and even the family matter will be a reason for worries. There may new developments in the professional front as your superiors may start planning to assign different work responsibilities for you which you may not be interested.


Professional a positive change may occur. Your income will be increased which may help you to almost all the issues in the financial front. Family life will be good but there may be certain issues in the personal front since some months now but you will be glad to have the feeling that slowly the issues are getting sorted out.There may be new opportunities coming in your way in this month in the professional front.


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