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General Predictions : Shri Vijaya nama Samvatsaram

Astrological Predictions for 'Sri Vijaya' nama samvatsaram From 11.04.2013 to 31.03.2014

'Andhariki Sri Vijaya nama samvatsara subhakankshalu. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous and a peaceful new year.'!

Sri Vijaya Nama Samatsara Phalam:

The New Year of Vijaya samvastraram starts on April 11, 2013 till March 31, 2014 for which Genaral predictions are as follows:

Vijaya nama samvastsara adipathulu:

Raju(King)- Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter)
Mantri (Minister)- Ravi / Surya (Sun)
Senadipati (Commander-in-chief)- Shani(Saturn)
Sasyaddhipati(Agriculture) - Kuja / Mangala (Mars)
Dhanyadhipati (cereals) – Chandra (Moon)
Arghadhipati – Shani (Saturn)
Meghadhipati (Clouds and Rains) – Shani (Saturn)
Rasadhipati – Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter)
Nirasadhipati – Kuja / Mangala (Mars)

Guru is the ‘King’ and Sun is also the ‘Minister’ for this year.Chandra as Nayaka for cereals and crops wil give farming community very good results. Guru as King gives farming community and cattle some good results. Cows would give plenty of milk. There will be no shortage of water or pulses. Prosperity and Health wise, people feel comfortable.Cows would give plenty of milk. Kings will respect Brahmins. There will be no shortage of water or pulses.Sun as Minister will give moderate rains. Political partues will increase and will have good governance at the centre.Abundance of grains and food material.Farming will increase. The wealth of kings or government treasury will increase. There will be abundance in produce from land.

As Sasyadhipati(Agriculture) is Kuja, crops will give good yield but kings/Governments would be interested in warfare but they may address issues amicably and solve them peacefully. Rainfall will be good enough. Farming on red soil will flourish with good yields.There will not be Shortage of milk in cows. Scanty rainfall. Natural calamities will be less this year in comparison to last year. Loss to chana and other pulses. There won't be any major outbraek of diseases.As Dhanyadhipati is shani will give production of spices,black-pepper, moong,mustard and seeds would be more but prices will also soar,commodities will do very well this year.The prices of Gold,silver and Metals will go up.

Guru as Rasadhipati will increase the production of jaggery, ghee, oil, pearls, ruby, gold etc. There will be abundance of water,crops and flowers production as Nirasadhipati is Kuja. Prices of wood, iron, zinc and other minerals would rise. As senadhipati is Shani there may be abundance of rain, crops and farming community will benefit from it.New innovations will take place in energy,fuel,water treatment,pharma fields. People will Be afflicted by tensions because of governance issues.Though there is major unrest because of position wars within the ruling party of our country as the NavaNayakas are mostly benefic planets,they may solve their internal issues and come out with a solution.Though Neighbouring countries may cooperate with the present Government.Constant vigilance is needed and it will be a tough time for military and para military forces of our country.

All political leaders will be in tension because of internal party issues.Good governance in the centre with majority political party heading is likey as the Guru is the King of nava nayakas .There are indications of epidemics breaking out in some parts of the country.There will be sufficient rainfall and agricultural produce will be more than adequate.People in general will be more interested in worldly pleasures as well as spiritual pursuits and there is chance that alternate medicines will become prominene.Spritual gurus and Teaching line will be good.Gold,Silver & Oil will be abundant as Kuja becomes Neerasadhipathi.Metals like Gold and silver would be abundant. The crops lwith Red Yield like Corals, Agar, Kumkum, Red sandalwood would flourish more Gold will be more shining...Steel, Copper & Tin will become cheap and be available in market.Diary product will be available in plenty.

General public will receive the care and concern of Government as Guru is a benevolent planet. Government will be able to meet some what people's expectation.Sportspersons will excel in their respective disciplines. The same would be the case with farmers,Medical doctors and artists as well as film stars.Cottage industries would perform well. The economic programmes of State and Central Governments would be implemented after undue delay with partial banefits to the general public. The stars are amenable to economic prosperity and beneficial to political parties.Government will come out with more refoms and projects which are beneficial to the common people.

Fire,Valcanoes,Water will rage to destroy human habitats and forests. Rains will not be on time thus increasing the heat on the earth. Prices sky-rocket. People will be restless.Financial status of India is in the positive though natural calamities are indicated and there will be loses to the Government government will win over and would meet the expectation of its people. Youth may be bending towards the bad habits and path. Smoking, drinking and other addictive activities may rise quickly among the youth of India this year.

In the cabinet positions, with Guru as King and Ravi Minister will bring a party with single majority at the helm. India will do very well in many matters, including stability of rupee, foreignexchange reserves, security and overall governing. Industrial growth will be very high. Foreign trade will flourish.Tourism industry and real estate will see a boom. Youth and skilled professionals will get very good opportunities. Per capital income will be increased to its best. In the beginning of this year political unrest may be there but will help in Good Governance. Gold rush will be increased and value of land will be increased. In the middle of the august share market will not be stable.Employment rate will be decreased . Movie industry,News Paper,Tv and communication industry will grow.Farming will see bright days once again. Sudden jump in the prices is also expected

October to December is not a good period of the year with almost warlike conditions November will be real problematic periods of the year. The authorities will have to exercise a lot of patience and skill. It will be a tightrope walk being exposed to another warlike condition,diseases and disputes .There may be severe losses on many fronts including floods,accidents and deaths of leaders. November and December will again be a problematic period with accidents,general unhappiness,prices hikes and financial markets being hit again.

Proper care and preparation by the ruling members may reduce the impact of bad happenings this year.Pharma,Advertising,Pharma,Real Estate ,Education Institutions and Finanial Sector will do well this year.There is a necessity of skilled people coming from all areas this year. Women will do well in all sectors especially in politics.medis,communications,banking and financial markets.Spiritual endeavours of general public will increase and a bright path to our youngters is on the cards.Prices of essential commodies may rise moderately...Overall this year will be a good year in comparison to last year.In spite of the testing periods,India will prosper and grow in this new year.
Wishig all readers and visitors of this page a very prosperous as well as good year Ahead!

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