Revathi Nakshatra: Characteristics

Revathi nakshatra is one of the 27 nakshatras or lunar constellations in Indian astrology. Revathi is ruled by Mercury,Venus and is associated with wealth, luxury, pleasure and creativity. People who are born under Revathi nakshatra are said to be charming, and artistic. They are also blessed with good luck and enjoy a comfortable life.

Revathi Nakshatra, also known as Revati in Sanskrit, is one of the 27 constellations or nakshatras that divide the ecliptic into equal parts. Revathi Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Budha and falls under the zodiac sign Pisces. Revathi nakshatra is associated with wealth, luxury, pleasure and creativity. Revathi Nakshatra is in Meena rashi. Revathi is the final 27th Nakshatra.

Natives of the Revathi nakshatra are known for their wealth and travel astuteness.Revati means ‘the wealthy’. Travel is said to bring them great fortune, both in terms of opportunities and experiences.The symbol for this star sign is fish – representing long journeys, specifically overseas or by waterways.

Another symbol associated with Revathi natives is a drum – which denotes Importance Of Timing In Life’ón timing can be critical to success for these individuals. The deity presiding over Revathi is Pushan – god of safety and protectiortravellers from harm, most often provides good fortune safe travels to those who identify under this zodiacsign.

Natives of Revati have very soothing personalities. The star under this nakshatra is called ‘Al Pherg’ or ‘the tail of the northern fish’. This is a highly auspicious nakshatra, this nakshatra give organisational ability and focus to natives, who are indicative of a success-related journey in life. They are incredibly psychic or have vivid dreams. Dreaming is such an integral part of their lives that it drives their innate curiosity to know more about the world and where we go after death.

Generally, their travels are protected. Even when there are minor problems, overall the travel should go well. Symbolically, it also means travelling to another world – to the next reincarnation – the final journey from this life to the next one.

Those born under the Revati nakshatra are compassionate and actively participate in their communities to help those in need. They prioritize children and animals, often taking them into their homes and providing for them. This connectionto Pisces is also evident in their love of water.

The Revati Nakshatra is deeply linked to signs of the zodiac Pisces, and those who fall under this category often times enjoy living by large bodies of water. Those governed by Revati are incredibly nurturing and sweet people, as they have strong compassion for others. They feel a need to help protect those who cannot help themselves.

Those born under the first pada in sagittarius navamsha are knowledgeable in their career. They will find success and be cautious, as well as liked by many. Although they have a kind heart to help others, sometimes they can get taken advantage of because of this generosity. These individuals also tend to be good looking and confident.

2nd pada of Revathi nakshatra falls in capricorn navamsha and people born under this pada are very practical and down to earth in their approach. They are hardworking and get success through planning, focus and organization. These individuals may lack empathy but will be successful in life due to their impeccable organizing skills

The 3rd pada of Revathi nakshatra lies in Aquarius navamsha and people born under this pada are visionaries. They have the ability to think ahead of time, they can recognize possibilities and opportunities. These individuals will be liked by many due to their magnetic personality, sharp intelligence and creativity.

The Revathi nakshatra 4th pada lies in Pisces navamsha, natives of Revathi with this pada are highly spiritual, intuitive and divinely inspired. They often have a deep connection to the divine or have an affinity for occult sciences. These individuals can foretell the future and are deeply connected to their higher self.

Career: Revathi natives are usually excellent organizers with a knack for administrative duties. Revati loves to be organized and efficient, so in careers like law, accounting or other clerical jobs they can excel. They also make great entrepreneurs who manage their own businesses as Revati works well when given freedom of action. Revati is also creative at heart and feel a deep connection to music, art and other creative pursuits. They also make great teachers, writers, researchers and healers.

Revati natives are drawn to responsibilities that involve taking care of other people’s needs. Revati is one of the most compassionate nakshatras and they deeply value social welfare as a subject and will become involved in NGO’s and charitable activities. Revati is also spiritually inclined, so some may be drawn to spiritual pursuits as well.  Overall Revathi natives are very successful in life due to their strong organizational skills, focus and determination. Their compassionate hearts will lead them to great heights of success. The Revathi nakshatra features makes it one of the most powerful nakshatras.

Compatability: Revati natives are compatible with Dhanista, Revati, Purva Bhadrapada and Uttara Bhadrapada. Revati enjoys working together with their partner in everything from business to family matters. Revati is loyal and supportive of their partner and will find great joy in helping them reach their goals. Revati’s sensitive nature also helps them understand and empathize with their partner. Revati makes a great long-term partner due to its loyalty and commitment, but Revati would also do well in a short term relationship too. Revati is not afraid of the unknown and can find joy in exploring new places, people and cultures. Revati will bring enthusiasm and adventure into any relationship. Revati is also highly compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Overall Revathi natives are very successful in life due to their strong organizational skills, focus and determination. Their compassionate hearts will lead them to great heights of success.

Remedies: Revati natives should do chanting of Revati nakshatra mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times a day. This will help Revati to remain focused and on the path of success. Offering donations at temples and charitable institutions is also beneficial for Revati natives as Revati loves to serve humanity. Revati can also wear Revati Nakshatra related gemstones such as Yellow Sapphire or Cat’s eye stone to boost their energies. Revati should also stay away from any kind of addictions such as alcohol and smoking, which can lead Revati to a self-destructive path. Revati natives should also practice meditation and Yoga regularly in order to bring stability and Vitality .

Zodiac Pisces

Nakshatra Lord Mercury

Deity Pushan

Symbol Fish, Drum

Element Ether

Gana Devata

Quality Satvik

Direction East

Colour Brown

Body Ankles

Animal Female Elephant

Bird Kestrel

Tree Mahuwa

Overall Revathi natives are very successful in their pursuit of happiness yet thoughtful in the process of achieving it. Often times they put those around them before themselves and this results in great satisfaction from helping others out or just simply lending a listening ear. Revati Nakshatra endows its natives with strong moral values and intelligence, which when used wisely will bring immense success, peace and joy throughout life’s journey.

Revati nakshatra has many positive attributes that help define Revati’s personality and these features should be nurtured to lead Revati towards great life accomplishments. Revati natives must learn to use their leadership, organizational skills and intelligence to open up many doors of opportunities. Revati’s compassionate side should also be highlighted as it can help Revati create strong relationships with their family, friends and partners. Revati should use their love for adventure and exploration to help them reach newer heights in life.

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