Know your Gemstones and Rashi:

Gemstones are a powerful tool for healing and transformation in Vedic astrology. Each zodiac sign, or “rashi”, is associated with certain gemstones that can help balance out energies and bring positive changes. By wearing a specific gemstone tailored to your rashi, you can open yourself up to abundance and prosperity in all areas of life.

For example, if you’re an Aries (Mesha rashi), wearing a ruby will help align you with the energised strength of the planet Mars and increase your confidence and courage. If you’re a Taurus (Vrishabh rashi), wearing an emerald could help channel Jupiter’s expansive energy towards abundance and success. And if you’re a Gemini (Mithuna rashi), wearing an agate could help activate Mercury’s energy to improve communication and strengthen relationships.

Gemstones can be worn as jewelry or carried around on one’s person in order to bring their positive effects into one’s life. However it’s important that the stones be used judiciously – consult with an experienced astrologer before selecting the proper stone for your individual needs. Gemstones are incredibly powerful tools for channeling divine energy – use them wisely!

Mesha Rashi: Ruby, Red Coral

Vrishabh Rashi: Emerald, Yellow Sapphire

Mithuna Rashi: Agate, Pearl

Karka Rashi: Ruby, Pearl

Simha Rashi: Carnelian, Ruby

Kanya Rashi: Moonstone, Cat’s Eye

Tula Rashi: Sapphire, Opal

Vrischika Rashi: Topaz, Yellow Sapphire

Dhanu Rashi: Turquoise, Blue Sapphire

Makara Rashi: Garnet, Red Coral

Kumbha Rashi: Amethyst, Blue Sapphire

Meena Rashi:: Aquamarine, Diamond

Gem stones For nakshatras

Aswini:Cats eye






Punarvasu: Yellow Sapphire

Pushya :Blue Shapphire


Magha:Cats eye

Purva Phalguni:Diamond

Uttara Phalguni :Ruby

Hastaa: Pearl

Chitraa: Coral

Swati :Gomedh

Vishakha : Yellow Shapphire

Anuradha:Blue Shapphire


Moola :Cats eye

Purva Ashadha: Diamond

Uttara Ashadha : Ruby

Shravana : Pearl

Dhanishta: Coral


Purva Bhadra Pada: Yellow Sapphirr

Uttara Bhadra Pada: Blue Sapphire

Revati : Emerald.

Gemstones can be used to heal and bring positive energy into our lives, but it is important to remember that they should be used with care and intention. Gemstones should be used carefully and only after consulting a qualified Vedic astrologer. Wearing the wrong gemstone can have adverse effects on one’s wellbeing and life circumstances, so it is important that they are used judiciously and with caution. With the right guidance, gemstones can be a powerful tool for transformation and spiritual growth. ***

Dasa s and Gem stones:

The effects of the planetary dasas or cycles are also understood through Vedic astrology. Certain gemstones can be used to balance out malefic influences and even activate beneficial energies during these cycles. For example, during a Jupiter cycle, it is recommended to wear an topaz in order to increase its positive influence on one’s life. Similarly, during an even-numbered cycle such as the Moon or Venus dasha, a pearl can be used to amplify the positive energies of these planets.

The gemstones associated with the planets also vary according to color. For instance, a blue sapphire is recommended for Saturn while a ruby or garnet enhances the power of the Sun. The use of these stones helps in attaining peace, wealth and prosperity in one’s life through their powerful vibrations.

Other than the gems associated with each planet, there are also stones used for general purpose such as tiger eye quartz and hematite which are meant to amplify positive energy and dispel negative vibrations from one’s environment. Additionally, many Vedic astrologers believe that wearing specific mantras engraved on gemstones can be very beneficial for an individual depending upon his/her horoscope. Lastly, it should be noted that one should be careful while choosing and wearing a gemstone as it can have both positive and negative effects. It is suggested to consult an experienced Vedic astrologer before selecting the correct gemstone for oneself.

FAQ s :

Q: How do gemstones work in Vedic astrology?

A: Gemstones are believed to amplify the positive energies of a planet and reduce any malefic effects from it. They can also be used to activate beneficial energies during planetary dasas or cycles.

Q: What are some common gemstones used in Vedic astrology?

A: Common gemstones used in Vedic astrology include blue sapphire for Saturn, ruby or garnet for the Sun, topaz for Jupiter and pearl for Moon and Venus. Additionally, quartz and hematite are also used to dispel negative vibrations from one’s environment.

Q: What is the importance of consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer before selecting a gemstone?

A: Consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer is important as they can guide you on which gemstones would be beneficial according to your horoscope. Also, certain stones may have both positive and negative effects thus it is important to choose carefully.

Q: How do mantras engraved on gemstones work?

A: Mantras etched onto gemstones are believed to have a powerful effect on the individual wearing them. They are known to help in manifesting one’s desires and bring positive energy into their life. Additionally, they can also be helpful in overcoming certain obstacles that an individual may face.


A: A carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of gemstones. The more carats a gemstone has, typically the larger and more valuable it is. Additionally, it should be noted that a high carat gemstone does not necessarily mean better quality in terms of its astrological effects. It is important to select the right gemstone that is in accordance with one’s horoscope.

Q: Is it safe to wear multiple gemstones at the same time?

A: It is generally not recommended to wear multiple gemstones at the same time as this could cause a reaction between them and have both positive and negative effects. If you feel it necessary, then consult an experienced Vedic astrologer before deciding on any such action.

Q: How should one store and clean gemstones?

A: It is important to keep the gemstone stored in a safe environment away from direct sunlight and any other sources of heat. Additionally, it should be cleaned regularly using plain water or mild soap solution. Do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals as this can damage the stone. It is also recommended to avoid contact with perfume, hairspray and other liquids to ensure long-term benefits.

Q:How to judge a gemstone?

A: Gemstones should be judged based on their clarity, color, cut and carat weight. It is important to purchase stones that have been certified by a reliable authority as well as those that come with a guarantee of authenticity. Additionally, one should also consult an experienced Vedic astrologer before picking out the right gemstone for themselves.

Q: Good place to buy Gemstones?

Lalchand Hastimal Jain in Secunderabad is a reputed shop for purchasing gemstones. Additionally, one can purchase them from reliable online retailers as well. Before buying any stone, it is important to check for certifications and guarantees of authenticity. Gemstones should be judged based on their clarity, color, cut and carat weight before making the purchase. Consult an experienced Vedic astrologer before buying.

Overall, gemstones are often used in Vedic astrology for healing and transformation purposes. Whether it’s for balancing out malefic influences or activating beneficial energies during a dasa period, gemstones are powerful tools that should be used diligently for maximum effect. With the right guidance and intention, they can help bring you closer to abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.

No matter what your rashi is, gemstones can be a wonderful way to bring balance and harmony into your life. With the right stone, you can align yourself with forces of abundance and support that will help you achieve success and happiness. So why wait? Find the perfect gemstone for your Rashi today!

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